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Sunset Moth Butterfly Wing Drop Earrings in 99.5 Fine Silver

Sunset Moth Butterfly Wing Drop Earrings in 99.5 Fine Silver

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Made from REAL sustainably sourced Sunset Moth wings! The Sunset Moth 'Urania ripheus' is a brilliantly colored dayflying moth found in Madagascar.

The EMERGE Collections features real butterfly and moth wings encased in certified 99.5 to 99.8 fine silver
-Earring hooks made from hypoallergenic sterling silver. This proprietary sterling silver mix is free of nickel, which is common a jewelry allergen. This blend, which features platinum and gold also adds increased resistance to tarnishing.
-Water resistant
-Environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced
-Professionally manufactured by NugentJewery
-Laser etched NJ logo to certify authenticity
-Earrings measure 1" X .5"

Every moth is unique and each pair of earrings may have variations.

We recommend the following tips to care for and clean our jewelry to protect these pieces and keep them looking beautiful and in excellent condition for years to come.
-Store properly: To prevent damage, store jewelry in a dry, dark place, away from sunlight and air. A jewelry box or small pouch can help keep jewelry away from other pieces that could scratch or otherwise cause damage.
-Clean gently: To maintain the natural shine of silver we recommend gently rubbing the piece with a soft polishing cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes, as they can scratch the surface of the jewelry. We do not recommend a chemical bath as this can affect the jewelry's integrity and appearance.
-We use an eco-friendly, anti-tarnish dip coating on our jewelry which can be scratched and damaged by polish or abrasive brushes. If any wet cleaning is necessary, we suggest a solution of mild soap and warm water, and an extra soft bristle brush. Gently wipe dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
-Avoid contact with chemicals: Keep jewelry away from chemicals such as cleaning products, perfumes, hand and body lotions, hairspray, or hand sanitizer as this can cause discoloration and damage. Be mindful of jewelry in contact with sweat, lotions, sunscreen, etc. and be sure to clean when removing for the day to ensure the piece retains its luster and protect from lasting damage.
-Avoid exposure to heat: Avoid wearing jewelry in hot or humid environments such as saunas or hot tubs.
-Remove jewelry before bathing, showering, or swimming: Chlorine and saltwater can damage jewelry, do not immerse jewelry in water.
-Protect from impact: Jewelry can chip or break if they are hit or dropped. Take care when handling or wearing, and avoid exposing to rough surfaces or hard impacts.

Why butterflies and moths? Because the small things matter and can make a BIG impact. Protecting insects means protecting the habitat they live in.
All specimens used are 100% legally imported from sustainable farms around the world. ‘Butterfly Farming’ has been shown to dramatically aid conservation efforts by preserving the forests and jungles around the farming areas. As a result, insect populations increase, additional habitat for endangered species is created, and local indigenous people are given an alternative source of income besides logging the wild areas around them.

When you buy from The Little Caterpillar you can know you are working with a company that only works and buys from RESPONSIBLE sellers. Together we can help protect our beautiful, diverse planet.

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Sunset Moth Butterfly Wing Drop Earrings in 99.5 Fine Silver
Sunset Moth Butterfly Wing Drop Earrings in 99.5 Fine SilverEARRINGS-U.RIPH
Sunset Moth Butterfly Wing Drop Earrings in 99.5 Fine SilverEARRINGS-U.RIPH
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