Wondering how to get started pinning your new bug collection?  First, you will need the right materials...

  • insect                                                          
  • re-hydrating chamber
  • insect pins
  • mounting board
  • glassine or wax paper
  • glass mounting sheets (for butterflies)
  • tweezers

After you have caught your insect or purchased one (visit and search our dried specimens) you will need to re-hydrate your insect.  Look for our next blog about CREATING YOUR OWN RE-HYDRATING CHAMBER + TIPS.  If you purchase a dried, unmounted insect, it WILL break while spreading if you don't re-hydrate it.

After your specimen has been re-hydrated, you will need to stick an insect pin through the thorax of the insect. It is best not to use sewing pins as they may corrode and damage your specimen.

Next, place your insect on your mounting board and carefully spread legs, wings, antennae, etc. using pins to hold in place.  Glassine paper or wax paper can be used to hold wings in place.  For butterflies, we highly recommend using glass mounting sheets.

Visit our website at for a more in-depth article about the science behind pinning insects along with spread sheets, videos and tutorials. 

Happy pinning! 


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