The Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho didius)
Framed blue morpho butterfly for sale
The Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho didius)

The Giant Blue Morpho (Morpho didius)

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This item is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, museum-quality display containing a sustainably sourced Morpho didius butterfly from Peru.  The display was carefully designed to complement the uniqueness of the butterfly using the finest acid-free, archival grade materials and is housed in a solid wood,9"x12" matte-black frame. The laser engraved plate with the common name, species name, and origin gives this display an additional touch of elegance.

Not only is this display aesthetically pleasing, but it is also framed using techniques that promote durability and long-term preservation:

  • The high-quality materials meet criteria found in the international standards and guidance followed by museums including ISO 18916, ISO 18902, and ASTM B117-03.
  • Ultra-protective, museum-grade glass provides 99% UV protection to prevent severe color loss from fading, embrittlement, and deterioration – ensuring the specimen will retain its appearance for many years to come.
  • All components in the display are sealed using a permanent, aluminum vapor barrier tape, creating a stable microclimate that prevents degradation from heat, pollution, and moisture. An additional seal is created by the acid-free paper securely attached to the back of the display.
  • Metal D-rings attached to the back of the frame ensures that the display can be hung safely and securely.