Real Wings open butterflies for sale
Real mounted butterflies for sale

SPREAD & MOUNTED Real Butterflies! Mix of Species, Wings Open!

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Perfect for butterfly artists! These butterflies come with the wings already spread open! Ready to be used in art, crafts, or framed. Save time and money by buying already spread and mounted butterflies. Includes a mix of species (as can be seen in photos).

NOTE: Shipping spread butterflies is very challenging. We will make sure your specimens are in good condition before shipment and will package them very well, but they may still arrive damaged. We will not cover damage caused to spread butterflies during shipment. If you are not ok with this please buy specimens with folded wings that can be opened at your residence.

NOTE: These are not professionally spread by The Little Caterpillar, they are imported already spread, as such they are better suited to art and not for pristine collections.