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Chilasa veiovis, Swallowtail Butterfly

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A large swallowtail from Indonesia, Chilasa veiovis looks great as a feature piece in a black or white frame. Sometimes called the Ghost-Swallowtail because of it's colors. Sale includes one butterfly specimen, shipped unmounted, with wings folded closed.

We work really hard to find great, ethical farms around the world. 'Insect ranching' has been shown to dramatically aid conservation and increase insect numbers in the wild, as well as giving local, indigenous people a sustainable income source other than logging.
Protecting insects means protecting the habitat they live in. This benefits every plant and animal sharing this habitat. Sustainable butterfly farming gives local populations an alternative to logging and clear-cutting rain-forest. The forests are preserved, critical habitat for endangered species is maintained, and butterfly populations increase. Everything we source is sustainably sourced and 100% legally imported.